Today (May 13, 2021) Notion has launched their Zapier integration so I could not resist and I made my first zap!

I think it's one of the most popular use cases: when a meeting is created in Notion, create the corresponding invite in Gcal, inviting the relevant people! So you can plan your meetings without ever leaving Notion ☺️

Here's the clonable Zap

Setting up will take 10-30 minutes according to your Notion setup and how familiar you are with Zapier. You'll need:

  1. A Meetings database (Notion Table), any view works, with the following property fields (you can add more, but those are essentials)

    1. Title of meeting (Name property)
    2. Date, with start and end time
    3. Attendees (can be the Notion People field, or an email field)
    4. (optional) Description, to be added as the event description

    My meetings database looks like this

  2. A valid Notion API token for the integration (instructions here)

    1. Once you create the integration, add it to the Meetings database above using the Share button (instructions here)
  3. A Zapier account

<aside> ⬇️ Pro tip


Note that the current Zapier integration does not support fields that are relation to other databases. This was a problem for me as my meetings are mostly with people outside of Notion, and I grab their emails with a nice rollup from my contacts database. There is a workaround: creating a new formula field that formats your rollup filed (in my case it's called "grab email") into a string:

format(prop("grab email"))

<aside> 🌈 The good news: if you change the property names in Notion for any reason, the zap will still work! And the kind folks at Zapier told me they are working on enabling relation fields! 🙌


I'm looking for ideas for future Zaps! Add yours ⬇️